Infinity Table Setup

Table setup in infinity is a bit like choosing ice-cream flavours. There’s no one perfect flavour that suits everyone, but there’s definitely flavours you want to avoid(pickled cabbage anyone!)

Infinity takes places on a 4’x4′ table.  One player will choose who goes first or second and the other player chooses who deploys first (generally you make your opponent deploy first!) and more importantly which side each player will deploy. However going first is considered to be a huge advantage so, to offset this, tables are usually asymmetrically setup.

This is endorsed in the rules as well as giving guidance about density and sizing of buildings. There is much discussion about setting up a table that is not only aesthetically pleasing but tactically balanced and interesting on the official forums and elsewhere on the internet.


Ideally one end has more advantage in terms of buildings which give cover and having a good vantage point. Additionally I find that having one side with more density than the other makes it possible to sneak up via cautious moves, infiltrate securely and get use from direct template weapons.


Here is a hypothetical setup. The numbers are approx sizes of buildings in inches. The dots are some sort of small scatter cover such as barrels, barricades or shrubbery.

You will also notice that there are 2 buildings and some terrain flat against the edge. This is critical as often edges aren’t covered and AD troops that arrive just get picked off. It also stops massive fire lanes.

Careful readers will notice that there are some massive fire lanes from one deployment zone to another. This is less than ideal as it can create a stalemate. A better idea to get more use from your terrain is to set it up at an approximate 45° angle.


This makes for a more interesting table, devoid of massive fire lanes but still giving use to weapons like HMGs or Sniper Rifles.  In massively open areas scatter terrain can break up fire lanes or give some cover to models.

Terrain is part of infinity and can be a barrier to starting for some people. However all  you’d need is about 2-3 sets of the card buildings from Corvus Belli (also included in the Operation:Icestorm and Red Veil Starter sets) sets which is a cheap, quick and transportable way to get a decent board.

There are now many companies offering great laser cut terrain, or if you have more time than money you can get some foamboard and make buildings like I’ve had to do. In future I’ll show the terrain and a tutorial on how to go about making foamboard terrain for infinity.

Ciao, Joe


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