No Video, Yes Terrain!

Note: I spend last night/morning in A&E with the other half + busted toe so didn’t and get back till 5:30AM –  really no video this Bank Holiday Monday. I don’t think I’ve got any hardcore followers *just* yet but sorry if you were looking forward!

I’ve been planning a basing video which will be the next upload but I feel a bit swamped as I’ve actually been painting up more scenery in the form of cargo containers since my table wasn’t 100% right last week. Keeping with my budget of ~£0, I bought 6 small storage boxes @70p each and 2 slightly larger ones @£1 each and set to work.

Storage box, generic

The handle nubs were snipped off and the protruding lip removed via clippers, scalpel and brute force. I opted to leave the lids off as it worked better without them and otherwise I’d have to have the folding arm which looked out of place. So the arms are being saved for another project.

After cutting away the tabs, I filled the holes and any gaps/cracks with milliput/greenstuff as well as running a line of masking tape inside to reinforce where material had been removed. A couple of containers developed cracks but these were incorporated into the piece as corrosion by their chemical contents!

The greenstuff and bottom of the lip were then sanded with coarse then fine sandpaper. The whole lot were primed with red car primer which has only OK adherence to the unsanded surfaces. I primed the inside a bit too to make them more light-proof/opaque.

Scenery never tasted so good!

In addition to this I recycled a baby pringles can as nommed in my FLGS the week prior. The lid was reinforced with 2 coffee stirrers (free from Costa with(out) any drink!) in an X shape and I used some self adhesive half-sphere beads to make rivets/nubbins around the lip in an octagonal pattern but skipped 1 to leave room for an eventual ladder. A circle of card from a Cornetto made the flat roof a bit more interesting. This got primed along with the containers.

Once dry I mixed black and red paint to put the shadows on the bottom half of each container to add some depth with the airbrush. I did the pringles can green to match my other circular towers.


I then airbrushed labels with a simple school stencil: BáKU 1 & 2, CóRG 1 & 2 and TúNG 1 & 2 as well as XENONODE and PALLISADE on the larger ones, and SILO  86 on the pringles can.  I then used a cut out from a board game circular counter sheet to act as a stencil to airbrush a white circle onto each container before then drawing in their nomad faction symbols. I made sure to make these look as if they were spray painted on rather than stencilled as my hand drawn designs aren’t perfect. I also used diluted black paint to make it appear as if it had run down the sides. A few Dorn Yellow (GW Edge Yellow paint) chevrons also made them visually interesting.

XENONODE-7 just had a thin blue coat of paint over the white base, some of which was rubbed away to give a faded look and show the white through before I applied a lightning bolt transfer from 40K Imperial Guard.

For PALLISADE-03 I freehanded a leaf symbol (because of palisade cells are a type of leaf cell!) Additionally the bright green/blue is a good contrast to the red/black and makes the evil contractor seem friendly. 🙂


I wrote on some graffiti with a thin sharpie type marker including ‘furry scum‘ on a Bakunin crate and ‘the E.I is your friend‘ on XENONODE. I used various 40K transfers including a skull on each Bakunin container and a yellow star in a white box for each Tunguska to give them some character. I used some Tau circular lettering to surround the freehanded logo on the Silo too. For all of the transfers I used Vallejo Decal medium and Decal Fix. I’m still not sure if I’m using them correctly.

Finally a couple of health & safety signs completed the character of the pieces.


Once all that had set and dried, I started to weather it. Not wanting to ruin my trousers with pigment twice in  the space of one week I opted to use my neglected Tamiya ‘weather master B’ pigment set.  These are essentially like makeup – pigments in a block with a little brush.


I used the black liberally to blend the red and black areas that I’d shaded and covering over the decals, signs and logos that I’d applied. After a few random swabs of ‘rust’ I then stuffed the terrain in a bag to transport to FLGS for Infinity night!



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