Simplex Gaming is a weekly vlog dedicated to miniature games, focusing particularly on Infinity by Corvus Belli.

Simplex Gaming

I’m Joe, I like wargames, RPGs, painting, photography & science. In real live I attempt to teach pupils about science with mixed results! In my spare time I vlog some stuff about the wargaming hobby to help others and to improve my own skills.

Infinity the Game

“Infinity is a tabletop wargame in which sci-fi themed miniatures are used to simulate futuristic skirmishes.”

Infinity recreates covert skirmishes in a near-future sci-fi settings. Humanity is in a state of semi-cold war while the dreaded Combined Army encroach from beyond the stars. Players typically have around a dozen troopers, robots or mechs known as T.A.G.s (Tactical Armoured Gear) in a specialist, covert force. Play is dynamic and mission focused, with a cinematic realism that allows you to react in your enemies turn.

A Nomad force ready for action (infinitythegame.com)

The miniatures are 28mm scale and cast in metal. Intricately detailed they require preparation, assembly and optionally painting before use on the battlefield.

Infinity is quite a complex game with a lot of depth and some nuance to the rules. I’d suggest you start with either the Operation: Icestorm or Red Veil starter boxes if you like either half of the boxes (Nomads/PanO or Haqqislam/Yu Jing) unless you really really want a full Tohaa or Combined Army force.


The starter boxes run through the game in a variety of escalating scenarios. Red Veil is the most recent, with beautiful models and a scenery pack. The mini campaign starts with 3 models per side and then adds more complexity slowly. The 2 main things that the main boxes don’t cover are the rules for Hacking and the rules for Fire Teams. To advance beyond the starter sets you are better off finding a local community


I don’t play much Malifaux these days and am quite out of the loop. However the most excellent and awesome forum ever is always a great start to find players and info!